Lab CO2 extraction systems

Extraction from botanical material from  1 to 7 L systems, CE/PED or UL/ASME or CSA/CRN certified.

Supercritical CO2 Production systems

Extraction from botanical material from 5 to 73 L systems, CE/PED or UL/ASME or  CSA/CRN certified.

Supercritical CO2 Industrial systems

Extraction from botanical material from 100 to 4000 L systems, CE/PED or UL/ASME or CSA/CRN certified.


Double extractor systems   Programmable processes like:

  • Semi-continuous extraction
  • Multi-setep processing
  • CIP Cleaning

Triple  extractor systems Programmable processes like:

  • Semi-continuous extraction
  • Overlapping extraction
  • Soaking extraction
  • Multi-step processing
  • CIP Cleaning

We Have Over 25+ Years of Experience in Supercritical Extraction equipment.

Compared to the simple extraction, the semi-continuous process allows to increase the throughput by around 25%. Overlapping extraction still increases throughput by an additional 40%. Soaking extraction increases, in many cases, the effectiveness of the process while the multi-step extraction allows to fractionate the different extracted components with extreme precision.

GMP ready, fully qualifiable systems.

We provide all the necessary documentation requested by qualification inspectors, like:

  • Material Certificate
  • Welding Certificate
  • USR (User Requirement Specifications)
  • DQ (Design Qualification)
  • IQ (Installation Qualification)
  • OQ (Operational Qualification)

Triple 51 L system installed in a ISO8 room.

All companies working in the pharmaceutical sector are now requiring qualifiable GMP systems.

Atomization (1)

Atomization, double system SAS+SAA.

Used for production of nasal spray antibiotics.


We build atomization systems. We use PGSS (Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions), SAS (Supercritical Anti Solvent) and SAA (Supercritical Assisted Atomization). Application of supercritical fluids, especially of supercritical CO₂, is a convenient method for the preparation of pharmaceuticals submicron particles or nanoparticles. The method enables the preparation of particles in a narrow size distribution and at the same time it does not leave any unwanted residues of solvents or other chemicals.

SFF Fractionation

For SFF (Supercritical Fluid Fractionation) it is meant the separation of one or more components (from a mixture) with the employment of a miscible or immiscible solvent, thanks to a favorable repartition coefficient of the solute. The repartition coefficient is given by the ratio between the solute concentration in the SCF at the equilibrium and the concentration of the solute in the starting matrix at the equilibrium. The extraction is a convenient process only if the component to extract shows simultaneously:  1) a favorable repartition coefficient (meaning a high solubility in the SCF);  2) a favorable separation factor (if evaluated in relation to possible compounds being extracted from the mixture).

SFF Fractionation

6 m stripping tower.

SFF Fractionation

9 m omega-3 fractionation tower.

NEA Lab system

NEA Micronization

Micronizer for ingredients powder, 5 kg/hr.

NEA Micronization

In NEA (Near-critical Expansion Atomization) process, the carbon dioxide is used in this process for the atomization and the crystallization of the product. The product subjected to the process is maintained in the liquid phase in a feed tank at a controlled temperature and subsequently conveyed, at the desired pressure, to the “atomization tower” where there is contact with the carbon dioxide released to atmospheric pressure.  The result is the formation of microscopic droplets (atomization) immediately cooled to temperatures much lower than 0 ° C.

We are certified

We offer:

  • more CERTIFICATIONS to guarantee more SAFETY and QUALITY
  • rigorous DESIGN, standard or based on URS*
  • careful CONSTRUCTION, VERIFIABLE by the customer.

Our certifications:

  • TUV ISO9001:2015
  • CE Europe
  • Apave PED
  • UL/CSA listed
  • ASME U stamp
  • CRN Canada

* URS (User Requirement Specifications)

CO2 Extraction matricies

The best solution for terpenes extraction and ingredient extraction. 

We are .

We offer: more CERTIFICATIONS to guarantee more SAFETY and QUALITY – rigorous DESIGN, standard or based on URS* – careful CONSTRUCTION VERIFIABLE by the customer. Our certifications: TUV ISO9001:2015 – CE Europe – Apave PED – UL/CSA listed – ASME U stamp – CRN Canada – TSSA Approved – URS (User Requirement Specifications)


Watch Our System SCFN-I240TWY.

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