Separeco’s systems are fully automated and technological advanced. We assist you with the training of the operators, so they have the skills necessary to safely operate the new supercritical CO2 system. The goal of our training sessions is to provide the operators with the practical knowledge required, with confidence and ease. Our engineers are ready to pass on their extensive knowledge in the operation of machines, by giving training courses to our customers.

Our basic training take place during FAT at our facility and on site during commissioning. Operator will learn how to use the system and the main components it contains correctly and safely.

During training all operators will be qualified by an experienced trainer for the safe and professional operation of your supercritical CO2 machine. They learn to utilize all machine potentials increasing   productivity and production quality in the long term. In the training course, participants learn about the structure, equipment and safety devices of the system and understand the individual functions and technical processes. With the help of practical exercises directly on the machine, they learn how to successfully prepare and start production as well as how to professionally adjust and optimize the product. In addition, participants will be able to recognize malfunctions and rectify them independently.

Primarily, when installing and commissioning your machine, our customers demand a series of instructions and knowledge required to allow them to operate the machine correctly, and greater optimization and accuracy when performing specific work required by each customer.