Explosion proof processes

When dealing with flammable substances, it is necessary to design the machine according to explosion-proof directives and ensure that the system cannot, in any way, trigger an explosion. 

Based on risk assessment analysis, different risk areas are identified. Each single item in the machine must comply with the limitation of the area where it is installed. When the flammable is always present along the process time, then the risk level is high, Zone 1 in European Economic Area (EEA) or Class 1 Division 1 in North America countries.

Explosion-proof directives are not the same all over the world and not compatible with each other!

North America countries use NPFA70/NEC 500 directive that is not accepted in European Economic Area (EEA). Conversely, in European Economic Area (EEA) ATEX directive is adopted and NPFA70/NEC 500 directive is not accepted.

So, pay much attention to your local regulation when explosion-proof machine is needed.