Solvent removal

CO2 solvent removal is a process that uses supercritical carbon dioxide to extract residual solvents from many products or intermediates like plastic powder, micromachined structures on silicon wafers, etc…

This method has several advantages over conventional solvent removal techniques, such as:

  1. reduced energy consumption
  2. lower environmental impact
  3. faster processing time and improved product stability and quality.

The process is based on the principle that SC-CO2 has high solubility for organic solvents, which allows it to selectively remove the solvents without affecting the product. It works exposing the product to high-pressure CO2, which dissolves the solvents and carries them away. The CO2 is then depressurized and recycled, while the solvents are recovered and reused or disposed of safely.

In all those applications where it is necessary to remove a solvent from a matrix, the use of SC-CO2 represents a huge advantage. In fact, in many processes such as those of plastic materials, it is necessary to eliminate the solvent from the powders to complete the production cycle. We offer solutions for medium and large volumes. Read More