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Size & Weight

The frame, the vessels and the piping are built with stainless steel, the total structure has the following characteristics:

Wide 1 m (3.2′), Height 1.1 cm (3.6′), Deep 0.8 m (2,6′).

Weight 120 kg (264#).

Main Characteristics

It is liquid CO2 booster pump. It used to supply liquid CO2 to our systems when a CO2 bottles packing is used. It is designed for Production systems. The booster is connected to the extraction system. All operation are fully automatic. Flow from 300 to 800 L/hr. Voltage 460V/3ph or 400V/3ph, frequency 60Hz or 50Hz, installed Power 4 kW, Current 6.9 A.


Certifications are mandatory for high pressure equipment. This machine is certified PED/CE for Europe, Africa South America and other countries accepting EU regulation or ASME/UL for North America and other countries requesting ASME regulation.

We are ISO 9001 certified by TUV, UL listed, ASME certified, CE and PED certified by Apave, CRN for Canada.

Configuration of supercritical CO2 extractor

This booster is designed to refill our internal reservoir from the CO2 bottles packing.

This is very useful if the bottles packing is in a cold area or if the bottles packing is placed very far from the extraction system. It works fully automatic, controlled by the extraction system. 


This booster has a triplex piston pump installed inside. At the condition of max pressure this pump can ensure a CO2 Flow from 300 to 800  kg/hr.


The booster is equipped with 3 safety valves, preventing the pressure to rise too much in each of the 3 pipelines.

Other specifications

ASME or PED certified safety valve for each pipeline.

Use this liquid CO2 booster pump for:

Production systems, from 24 to 73 liter systems.