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Supercritical CO2 property


Characteristics of supercritical 
CO2 state
Benefits derived by the supercritical CO2 
specific characteristics

is odorless, non-toxic

does not contaminate raw material or the  environment

is a gas in the atmosphere. Biological  processes leave no trace or contamination

allows utilization of waste products as raw materials or other byproducts

critical temperature of  the process is near  to the room temperature

ability to obtain extracts without thermic alteration

retains its high permeability similar to a gas

the extraction time is shorter than that required by common solvent extraction

changing conditions of pressure and temperature also can change the solvent properties

efficient extraction and high product quality

is inexpensive, does not burn, does not present the risks associated with the use of organic solvents

easy to use and safe

CO2 industrial recycling is simple and thermodynamically neutral

cost savings for energy and solvent

CO2 is taken from the atmosphere and returns to the atmosphere

CO2  extraction cycles applied  to industrial process do not alter the environmental balance

completely saturates the extraction chamber

removal of the extract from the matrix is complete, occurs in a single industrial phase and it is not subject to very rapid heating as in other technologies. Optimization of processing times. Inhibition of oxidative processes.

the high pressure process generates  differential pressure between the inside and the outside of the cells of bacteria and microorganisms

in many cases remarkable or total reduction of bacteria is obtained

high flexibility. Use in many different operating conditions in industrial processes

use in extraction, fractionation,  polymerization and micronization, pasteurization, purification, synthesis reactions, etc..

The molecule of CO2 is not polar

He has a remarkable facility to dissolve the fat fraction like vegetable oils and waxes

Can be used as a carrier for its permeability to matter

Associated with water as a solvent also can extract hydrophilic substances with remarkable efficiency (such as caffeine from coffee)