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SCFN plate low Supercritical Fluid Specialist, partner of the Super Critical Fluid Network (SCFN)  

About us

Separeco is the founder of the Super Critical Fluid Network, SCFN.Exn two

The SCFN is a network of companies working together in the supercritical fluid industrial field. It was founded in 2010, but the companies inside the network have a long background. Most of them were 20 years old at that time, with a long experience in their industrial areas. Exenia, the R&D company of the network, and Separeco started working in the supercritical fluid field in 1996. The first two systems were a 30 liter extraction system with fractionation column and a 5 liter extraction system. Automation is in our DNA. In fact our first system was completely automated. The system was installed in a Microsoft Windows 3.1 computer running Intellution SCADA/HMI environment.

SCFN plate low This is our logo. For more info, visit: www.scfn.eu

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