We have the largest selections of systems working with supercritical CO2, but our specialty is designing onrequest or User Requirements Specifications (URS). Designing on URS gives to our customers the bestcompliance to his specific demand, assuring the performance requested without compromises.When we design on URS we also delver to the customer specific documents like FunctionalRequirements Specifications (FRS) and Detailed Design Specification (DDS) and finally Design Qualifications (DQ) to support our customers requirements.

All these documentation, together withthe  FactoryAcceptance Test (FAT) are used also for GMP requirements.Very often our customers ask us to create machines with particular performance for specific processes orprototypes to test uncommon applications such as the recovery of polluting elements or therecycling/removal of dangerous or flammable substances. Read More


Separeco has a team of technicians to carry out the annual ordinary maintenance of all the equipmentproduced. We offer different contractual solutions for every type of company, including pharmaceuticals. Ourpackages are:

  1. Annual maintenance contract which includes some specialist services, remote support via internet,telephone and video calls
  2. On-call maintenance contract, less expensive
  3. Remote support contract
  4. Maintenance contract with rapid intervention times

Pre Sale service

Choosing the right machinery to buy is an activity that requires a lot of technical experience.

Separeco supports customers by guiding them in the selection of available models by analyzing the essential reference parameters such as:

  1. The matrix/s to be machined
  2. The sizing of the equipment by analyzing the specifics of the client company
  3. The required throughput
  4. The quality of the extract
  5. The efficiency of the system

The result of this activity is correct sizing of the equipment that best meets the customer’s needs. Furthermore, we always advise all customers to go to our construction workshop to personally verify our plant solutions and touch the quality of our products. You should never trust what you find on the internet without checking for yourself.

After Sale service

It may happen that in the first period after the purchase you need immediate help to unblock a difficult situation, just because you haven’t yet had time to familiarize yourself with the machine.

You can call us, request a remote connection to connect to the machine or request a video call at any timefor the first month. It will cost you nothing. This service is offered free of charge to all our customersin the first two months after commissioning the equipment.

After sales service is a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction, so important for Separeco and our Customers. Read More

System installation

Once the system has arrived at the final site, the next important step is assembly and installation of the new equipment.

Separeco supports customers with all the information needed to prepare the installationareafor the main equipmentand all secondary equipment needed to operate such as chiller, heater, CO2 tank or cylinder packing, venting line.

We provide a specific manual that the customer will use to organize all the preparatory activities forinstalling the machinery. Once the equipment has been installed, the technicians will carry out the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) to verify the correct installation.In the case of installations in pharmaceutical companies, the Installation Qualification (IQ) will be carriedout, a fundamental activity for GMP certification