B2 liquid CO2 booster pump

Dimensions et Poids

Le cadre, les récipients et les tuyaux sont en acier inoxydable, la structure totale a les dimensions suivantes : Longueur 1 m (3.2 feet), Hauteur 1.1 cm (3.6 feet), Profondeur: 0.8 m (2,6 feet). The Poids of the machinery is around 150 kg (330 pounds). 

Caractéristiques principales

It is liquid CO2 booster pump. It used to supply liquid CO2 to our systems when a cryogenic CO2 tank is used. It is designed for Industrial systems. The booster is connected to the extraction system. All operation are fully automatic. Flow from 300 to 800 L/hr. Voltage 460V/3ph or 400V/3ph, frequency 60Hz or 50Hz, installed Power 4 kW, Current 6.9 A. PLC on board and 7″ touch screen.


 This machine is certified PED/CE pour l'Europe, l'Afrique, l'Amérique du Sud et d'autres pays qui acceptent l'UE ou ASME/UL pour l'Amérique du Nord et d'autres pays qui exigent la réglementation ASME. 

Nous sommes certifiés ISO 9001 par TUV, certifiés UL, certifiés ASME, CE et PED certifiés par Apave, CRN pour le Canada.

Configuration of liquid CO2 booster pump

This booster is designed to refill our internal reservoir from external CO2 cryogenic tank.
Filling the system with cryogenic CO2 requires a particular procedure to prevent liquid CO2 at low temperature from expanding in the pipeline connecting the booster to the CO2 system rising the pressure beyond limits, causing damages in the supply CO2 line.
To prevent the pressure from increasing in the pipeline, the B2 booster is equipped with a PLC with a 7 “LCD screen and with a specific software program that controls all the phases of filling the internal accumulator of the system. This is a computerized procedure, a recipe, written specifically for this booster.

Booster pump

This booster has a triplex piston pump installed inside. At the condition of max pressure this pump can ensure a CO2 Flow from 300 to 800  kg/hr.


The booster is equipped with 3 safety valves, preventing the pressure to rise too much in each of the 3 pipelines.

Autres spécifications

ASME or PED certified safety valve for each pipeline.
Processeur PLC microprocesseur 
Pression d'air comprimé 7 bar ou 100 psi
Débit d'air comprimé 28 L/h ou 1 CFH

Liquid CO2 booster pump

Booster pump

Min flow: 300 L/hr
Max flow: 800 L/hr

La performance du système

Max pressure: 90 bar
Max temperature: -5° C


Use this liquid CO2 booster pump for:

Large extraction systems from 51 to 580 liters. 


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