Explosion proof

There are cases where you have to work with flammable substances, such as ethanol, methanol, benzene, cyclohexane, Pentane, Pyridine, Acetone, etc…

In all these cases it is necessary to observe the safety standards in force in your country and refer to the ATEX standards for European Economic Area (EEA) and all countries that accept the European standards or NPFA70/NEC 500 for North America Economic Area (NAFTA).

These two regulations are not compatible, therefore the regulation to be applied is chosen based on the place of installation of the machine. NPFA70/NEC 500 is not accepted in European Economic Area (EEA) and ATEX is not accepted in North America Economic Area (NAFTA).

Moreover, there are different cases, which can be more or less restrictive, depending on the flammable substance used. We have a long experience in the construction of Ex equipment. We can certify the machine for Zone 1 or Zone 2 (2GD or 3GD) ATEX for European Economic Area (EEA) or Class 1 Dision 1 or Class 1 Division 2 for North America Economic Area (NAFTA).

We use intrinsically safe instrumentation (ia/ib) and Ex barriers for galvanic separation to meet the requirements of the regulations in cases of high danger level or equipment and instruments certified for Zone 2 or Division 2 without the use of barriers for galvanic separation.