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Do I need GMP machine?
If your plan is to supply the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry, then YES, you need GMP machine.

Is your machine food standard grade?
Yes, our machine design follows the HACCP guideline.

Do I need a CO2 membrane pump?
CO2 is a very difficult fluid. Only membrane pump, where pump head and mechanical parts are separated, guarantees a mechanical oil free extract. Piston pump do not offer the same protection from polluted extract.

Do I need a very high flow CO2 pump?
Industrially, lower pump flow is always the best choice, as the CO2 solvent remains for a longer time in contact with the raw material. Very fast flow can result in a lower yield of extraction and lower efficiency. See “pump flow” in our “Choose a topic”

Do I need a third extractor?
Third extractor is cooled and removes all the water from the CO2 flow, water that will not travel to the reservoir creating potential suction problems.

What is the difference between gravity and cyclonic separators?
The gravity separator is less selective than cyclonic separator. Is very useful to give a total extract in a single separation vessel.

Is cleaning important?
The cleaning is more than important! Polluted extract will not be accepted by your customers. Cleaning procedure is as important as extraction procedure. If the system doesn’t allow a good cleaning, than that machine is not the right choice for you. 

Do I need the data logger?
Yes, you need it for many reasons. First, without the extraction data you cannot validate your process. Second, extract certification is based on extraction data and lab analysis. Without these information your extract should not be accepted by your potential customers and the current trend goes in this direction.

Do I need safety valves per each vessel.
Yes, you do! Safety valves, PED or ASME certified are mandatory for you and your employee safety. Always verify then presence of the certified safety valve before purchasing the system.

Do I need metal panels to protect operators?
Yes, the system is working at very high pressure. In case of malfunction, the front panel will protect you and your employee from any risk. High pressure tubes going all around the system without any protection for the operator are typical of low safety machines.

Do I need the co-solvent pump?
Ethanol pump is a good choice to have a good cleaning of the system. Without co-solvent pump is practically impossible to have a good cleaning of the system. In addition, small quantity of ethanol allows a better yield in the extract


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