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Niveau de CO2 - Recherche de points d'équilibre.

We say that a liquid is in equilibrium with its gas when the same mass is exchanged from the gas to liquid and from liquid to gas. This happens continuously, and this point id strongly dependent on pressure and temperature. The change in temperature produces a change in the pressure, because, when high, more liquid CO2 turns in gas increasing pressure and when low more gaseous CO2 turns in liquid decreasing the pressure.

The pressure cannot give any information about the liquid CO2 level in the reservoir, but the pressure in a CO2 tank will be the same in the range from 0.1& to 100% of the liquid level inside! Therefore, a liquid level sensor is necessary to control the level. But the level is strongly dependent on the pressure and temperature inside the tank. So, to have a good control on the CO2 liquid level is mandatory to have a temperature control in the CO2 tank.

There are many point we can find the equilibrium points between gaseous CO2 and liquid CO2. All these point are situated along the CO2 Equilibrium curve. Choosing the best point is part of the system designing procedure, because it define the level of the liquid CO2 in the reservoir. As the CO2 condensing temperature at CO2 bottle pressure is about 14° C (57° F) , we chose this value to control the pressure in the reservoir. The control is fully automatic.