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PLC de seguridad en máquinas de extracción con CO2.

We use ABB B&R safety PLCs in our systems.

Safety is our mission.

It’s essential to protect people, machines and our future. To check the critical points of the system, we need a “certified safe” electronic circuit, which cannot fail when a potentially dangerous situation occurs. This circuit is called “Safe PLC”.

A safety PLC in CO2 extraction machines is built, tested and certified to meet international safety standards. The main objective of a safety PLC is the redundancy of the on-board devices. These devices are continuously monitored by a watchdog circuit. Today’s safety technology actively supports a machine’s  functionality while simultaneously safeguarding it against hazards. It adapts to changing configurations and works reliably anywhere in the world.

“A safety PLC is safe” when it has a certain level of reliability/probability of failure upon demand that can be proven/documented diagnostic coverage that detects various aspects of hardware status, program execution and operating system status.” (Roy Tanner, ABB)

Machine Directive compliance for Safety PLC in CO2 Extraction Machines.

To increase safety for machinery and workers, we design or extraction, fractionation micronization and chromatography systems following the European Machine Directive. Also if not obligatory in North America, this design approach aims at the machinery safety and at the protection of workers using such machinery. It defines essential health and safety requirements of general application, supplemented by a number of more specific requirements for certain categories of machinery.

Machinery must be designed and constructed so that it is fitted for its function, and can be operated, adjusted and maintained without putting persons at risk when these operations are carried out under the conditions foreseen but also taking into account any reasonably foreseeable misuse thereof.

The manufacturer also ensure that a risk assessment is carried out for the machinery which he wishes to place on the market. For this purpose, he should determine which are the essential requirements applicable to his machinery and in respect of which he must take measures.

The machinery must then be designed and constructed taking into account the results of the risk assessment.

PLC de seguridad en máquinas de extracción con CO2.