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Proceso semicontinuo (PSC).

The Semi Continuous Process (SCP) reduces the down time and bacteria pollution in the system. The CO2 flows continuously in the circuit, preventing the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. In the semi-continuous extraction process, the extraction begins with the extractor 1 and proceeds with the extractor 2. Then from the extractor 2 it proceeds to the extractor 1 and so on. It newer stop until the production manager decides to clean the system.

Two extraction curves are visible.

Once the extraction step for extractor 1 is completed, CO2 is transferred from extractor 1 to extractor 2. The pressure in extractor 1 is decreasing very fast and the pressure in extractor 2 is increasing very fast.
Immediately after the crossing point, the CO2 returns to the reservoir. You can see the level of liquid CO2 rising in the reservoir. Then the pump starts, the pressure in extractor 2 increases and extractor 1 is venting at the same time. The double extraction system gives you a big advantage: semi-continuous extraction. This type of extraction ensures that the process never stops.

The semi continuous process gives many Advantages:

  • The CO2 is always circulating: bacteria and dirt have no time to  deposit in the circuit
  • The fast closing system reduce to 5 minutes unloading/reloading the canisters
  • The production per day is increased by 25% if compared to a single extractor system
  • With 25% higher output per day, the return on the investment is greatly advantaged.
  • Dead times are dramatically reduced